Welcome to the Vibrant Thymes Team membership site.  

Here are some of the trainings that we offer!

Essential Oil Bootcamp

Designed for beginning essential oilers! We’ve found that aromatherapy can literally be totally overwhelming to a newbie, so my team and I have outlined a 30 day bootcamp to serve everyone on a personal level.

This bootcamp is going to have several benefits that make it stand out from everything that anyone else is doing:

  • 8 Videos, 2 per week, training you on how to use your new Young Living oils.
  • PDF’s for those who learn by reading.
  • Personal contact with 8 TOP leaders who are experienced essential oil users and highly trained!
  • PRIVATE Facebook group just for newbies that stays totally on focus. No worries about confusing messages here.
  • Step-by-Step guide on using oils, or taking it beyond that to even build a business if you so desired.
  • Continued learning options for your specific area of interest at the end of this 30 day Bootcamp.
  • Free Resources for continued education.
  • And more!

Business Intensive Mentorships 

If you’re ready to increase your income and start treating your Young Living membership like a business, we are ready to teach you!  Because we are serious about getting the right people in this group, we do have a few requirements:  Requirements:

  • Free for our team members! We suggest a $100 minimum Essential Rewards monthly in order to get commissions. 

This mentorship will be run via a Facebook group and will include weekly video training, assignments, group calls, and personal feedback from Kayla & Mary.  You’ll Learn…

  • What Tools we Use & Resources for Training
  • How to Structure Your Down-line for Everyone’s BEST!
  • How to use your Pictures in your business well!
  • Time management and operating a business out of your home
  • Tips on how to build your business in different ways
  • Dangers to avoid that everyone else is doing!
  • And much, much more!

Team News

Vibrant Thymes with Kayla Howard and/or Vibrant Thymes with Mary Clendenin are the Facebook Groups where new specials, new team incentives (like how to earn a FREE diffuser, etc..) and new site features will be displayed. Keep close tabs on this! 

Team Graphics

In this area of the website, you will find info-graphics, team logos and sharing pictures for your website and social media.   We’re always adding to, and expanding this content.

Find A Team Member Near You

This is the place to find someone on the Vibrant Thymes team who lives near you! We have over 1600 team members all over the world, so it’s likely someone is close by that you might enjoy doing classes with, or just sharing your love for essential oils together. This will be a work in process as people ask to be placed on this list!

Team Docs

Need to know how to set up essential rewards? How to move someone on your team? How to respond to popular EO myths? General essential oils education? This is the place for you!

Video Tutorials

Team tutorials include how to use your essential oils professionally. These videos are created by team members, for team members.